Meet Quaboo, the friendly ghost who’s trying to sell a pilot to Quibi.

Herewith are the collected works from the live Quibi pilot-writing streams, airing on during the month of April, 2020. NSFW.

Pilot #1: Jimmy Stewart Adventures

In which America’s treasure is enlisted by three ghosts to defeat evil.

Pilot 2: Worst Breakup Stories

A man recounts his worst breakup: Prom night, at his girlfriend’s dad’s house.

Pilot 3: Waterwold — The Series

The continuing adventures of Kevin Costner’s fish mutant, and his new squire’s trauma.

Pilot 4: Meat Stories

Boxes of meat recount the spooky stories of the gruesome origins of their contents.

Pilot 5: Island Time Casino

A tale of unrequited lust, guns, and theme songs.

Starting at 5 PM on November 21st, 2019, I began streaming live on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and started tapping away in a Final Draft file. I didn’t stop until almost 4 AM the next day.

Proof of my sin

What transpired in between was a war crime, and if you weren’t there…

Brian Firenzi

Delete your life immediately

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