Weird: Donald Trump Is Being Weird With 280 Characters On Twitter Now

After an initial trial run with some users, Twitter recently announced that every account would now be able to use double the number of characters previously allowed — a jump from 140 to 280. For many, this seemed like an odd change for the social media giant to introduce, as Twitter’s brand is associated with brevity (and neo-nazis). But one person who seems to be reacting most strongly to the change is perhaps its most famous user: Donald Trump.

Almost immediately after the change in character count, Donald began using the platform to reflect and expand upon his influence as president. One complete thought led to another, and another, until he was making choices perhaps no one could have predicted:

Declaring that he would remove himself from office, along with every untrustworthy cabinet member he appointed, Trump let loose a bombshell that would have fed the news cycle for a decade. But with all this new room to type, he wasn’t done yet.

A pivot towards some suspiciously Democrat-sounding talking points was capped off with an actual promise to rejoin the Paris climate accords and invest in clean power. Current chief of the EPA Scott Pruitt would have had some harsh words to say about that, but Trump had enough Twitter space left for three words of his own: “Pruitt, you’re fired.”

Ever-aware of his tainted legacy, Trump began to wind things down with a look into the past, and hope for the future. All this in one gargantuan tweet. But for those concerned that this new, reflective, 280-character Trump would leave us a White House stocked with enough of his cronies, 45 gave us one final massive bombshell:

Unfortunately, this tidal wave of blockbuster about-faces from the nearly-outgoing President was stopped cold when a fired Twitter employee reduced Donald’s character count back to 140 on his/her way out the door. Presumably unaware of the breakthroughs the President was just experiencing, this would-be social justice crusader doomed us all by reigniting Trump’s wrath.

Back to form but not quite used to the 140 characters again, Trump reneged on all his promises — a familiar move for him, but as long as he stokes the flames of racial resentment, he’ll be just fine for the next 7 years. Unless that Mike Pence remote control finds itself in the right hands.

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